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GoodSearch for Kopper Top!

Introducing--an easy way to benefit Kopper Top! Do you use the internet to shop and search for information? Did you know when you use GoodSearch as your search engine with Kopper Top as your designated charity, you are helping to raise funds for Kopper Top?! GoodSearch donates between 1-2 cents for every search made in Kopper Top’s name to Kopper Top. And if you buy merchandise through GoodShop, GoodSearch’s sister site, the vendors will donate up to 37% of the purchase to Kopper Top!


If just 50 people made just 5 searches a day (Does anybody need to look for textbooks, weather, used cars, recipes, etc?), that would be 250 searches a day, 1,750 searches a week, which raises almost $20 a week for Kopper Top! Make it your web browser homepage so you don’t forget, tell all your friends to GoodSearch for Kopper Top, and, for Kopper Top’s sake, start using GoodSearch…a search engine that searches for good!


Click on the logo below to go to the GoodSearch page for Kopper Top or go to www.GoodSearch.com and enter Charity ID# 817113.