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Healing PAAWS
(People And Animals We’re Serving)

Healing PAAWS is an animal-assisted therapy program that is portable! Dogs, cats, and rabbits eagerly jump, climb, and hop into the van, ready to go visit people in their community. Our therapy crew makes regular visits to many different nursing homes in the Burlington/Greensboro area of North Carolina. On special occasions, the horses, chickens, and goats are invited to come along, too! Along with nursing home facilities, the animals also visit schools, day care centers, churches, and festivals, spreading their love through wagging tails, contented purrs, and just being friends with some of the people who need a friend the most.


Animal-assisted therapy involves taking the animals into different facilities, situations, and circumstances, and meeting many types of people from various backgrounds, with differing abilities. Our therapy animals are specially trained, and are accustomed to many situations and experiences that a regular household pet would not accept. Our animals are gentle, loving, kind, and compassionate. During each visit and therapy session, the animals show unconditional love to children, seniors, and the handicapped. Their cute tricks and antics bring smiles to otherwise sad faces, and their love has lit many lives with joy.



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An animal's eyes have the power to speak

a great language.

~~Martin Buber