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Kopper Top Wish List

Consider a donation through Amazon.com. Simply click HERE to access our online Wish List.

For the Children:

New riding helmets, all sizes (ASTM-SEI approved only)

Scholarships for children with disabilities

Donations of $250 to $500 help fund Therapy Fees, Day Camp Fees and All Day Educational Tours

Funda for an Indoor Arena ($100,000)


For the Animals:

Sponsor an Animal or meet a specific animal need (see below).



Fescue/orchard mix hay


Salt–loose and block


Water tank heaters

Industrial grade garden hoses

Grooming supplies (brushes)


Western saddle blankets

Fly spray bottles

Vet wrap

Hemorrhoid ointment


Equimax and Safeguard (dewormers)

Veterinarian fees and services

Donations for Farrier fees



Hay (Fescue/orchard mix)

Collars and leads

Vet fees and services


Chickens and birds:

Layer mash (16%)

Cracked corn

Nest boxes

Chicken coop, run, etc


Dry dog food

Treats (Milkbones, Beggin' Strips, canned dog food, etc)

Frontline Plus (Flea treatment)

Sentinel (heartworm treatment)


Leashes and collars Towels/Absorbers/Blankets

Veterinarian fees and services



Purina Cat Chow

Treats (Temptations, Whiskas Lickin's)

Friskies canned cat food

Frontline Plus/Revolution (flea treatment)

Pet crates

Cat leashes (6 foot)

Veterinarian fees and services


Rabbits and small animals:

Rabbit food

Treats (Yogies, carrots, Craisins)

Salt licks

Bedding (pine shavings)

Pet carriers/taxis

Rabbit water bottles!

Bowls and dishes

Veterinarian fees and services


For the Office:

Paper (white copy paper, cardstock, colored paper for flyers)

Labels (Address and return)



Other Needs:

15-passenger van (for transportation needs)

Mechanic fees

Gravel for around the farm

Fencing equipment for the pastures


We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

~~Sir Winston Churchill