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6657 Kimesville Road | Liberty, NC | 27298 | (336) 565-9723

Other Services Offered

Kopper Top Life Learning Center is more than just a typical therapeutic riding farm--we have over 130 animals and various different programs for different people with different needs. We are not your usual "get to the therapy lesson, ride the horse, go home" program; rather, the individuals and clients are able to participate in the grooming and care of the horses, as well as hang out with the various dogs, cats, goats, rabbits, and other furry and feathered critters that call this place their home.


Besides our main programs, Kopper Top also offers other various services such as:


   * Horse birthday parties (onsite and offsite)

   * Farm tours (for school, church, day care, rest home groups and more!)

   * Pony rides (at festivals and events, etc)

   * Internship opportunities (Biology, Recreational Therapy, Psychology, and

       more) (Healing HEARTS)

   * Volunteer opportunities

   * Vocational training (Healing HOPE)

   * Educational experiences (teaching elementary/middle/high school/college  

       students in area schools)

   * Boy and Girl Scout badges/opportunities

   * Community service program

   * Special Olympics equestrian training

   * CAP provider services offered on site!

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
~~Albert Einstein


Special Olympic athletes, horses, and coaches from 2010