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Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as: "therapy based on engagement in recreational activities (as sports or music) especially to enhance the functioning, independence, and well-being of individuals affected with a disabling condition." Put simply, recreational therapy is using leisure and enjoyable activities to help people who suffer from different types of disabilities, including physical, emotional, cognitive, mental, and functional limitations. Recreational therapy focuses on each patient and a leisure activity they enjoy participating in to provide therapy, reduce stress and depression, increase skills, and enhance his or her quality of life.


At Kopper Top, we use horses, farm animals, and plants to provide recreational therapy to individuals with varying conditions and abilities. Children and adults with disabilities come to Kopper Top to ride horses, brush dogs, play with cats, pet bunnies, and work with plants and herbs, all the while developing and regaining physical, cognitive, and social skills that help them in all other areas of life. We strive to help individuals with disabilities meet goals--physical and/or personal goals--that will keep their focus forward and their mentality positive as they work to overcome whatever challenges they may be facing. Deborah Meridith, LRT/CTRS, is our licensed and certified recreational therapist who directs these therapy sessions and works closely with our clients and parents.




To see a list of benefits of recreational therapy, please click here.

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