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Kopper Top has a new Sensory Trail!

For years Kopper Top campers have enjoyed a scenic trail through our lovely wooded acreage on the farm, consisting of a bridge over the creek, pine trees, hills, and other natural obstacles and elements.


This summer, however, Kopper Top was excited to show off our NEW sensory trail!


Designed and built by the Durham Technical College Occupational Therapy Assistants, this trail is packed full of sensory items. We appreciate this group's leadership and enthusiasm about their project, and use and enjoy this trail every week for day camp, trail rides, and our regular lesson riders look forward to it each week as well! Thank you so much!


We would also like to thank Flow VW and the other donors that made this trail possible financially. Thank you for your generosity! Know that what you have given has been eagerly and enthusiastically embraced and enjoyed already by many children and adults with special needs. And our horses and volunteers enjoy the new ride as well!


Completed in July, this new trail has added to and enhanced our natural trail through the woods! Consisting of uphills and downhills, the bridge, and a stroll through the trees, this ride is complete with a mailbox full of goodies to touch and feel, colorful flags, pinwheels, and flowers to spot, hidden treasures in and on the trees, windchimes to hear, herbs to smell, balls and 'noodles' to ride through, and tasty berries growing along the way!