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6657 Kimesville Road | Liberty, NC | 27298 | (336) 565-9723

As soon as your car door opens

You won’t believe, all the

Animals you will see


Horses, dogs, cats, and more

This is a place like you’ve

Never been before


A place that you can be yourself, not

Worrying about your body that is tired

And worn


You’ll see kids with disabilities from

When they were born

Other kids developed them as they grew

To find a place for them like this

What a dream come true.


You’ll be meeting, riding, and love

Horse with names like

Aanthem, Skip, and Rex

You just can’t wait for what comes next


Riding your new friend

Sets your mind and body free

The laughter, the joy

It’s Awesome, you’ll see!


Kopper Top Farms is the place

To be, with unconditional love from the

Animals you meet and a friendship

Waiting for you from me!



By Nickolas, Age 9, fighting liver cancer


Smiling Again
By Nickolas Chappell, Kopper Top rider

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
~~Mark Twain