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Sponsor a Rider!

Whoa! Rein your horses in and set for a spell! We know it’s fun riding, but make sure you give your horses a lil break every now and then!


Perhaps even moreso than we enjoy riding as a recreational or pleasure activity option, our therapy riders at Kopper Top enjoy their time on their horses for the physical, mental, emotional, and recreational value that they benefit from, most of the time, without even knowing it!


As a person with special needs, it can be difficult to find something fun to do, where you feel like you CAN do it, and that it’s something that you can have fun doing. A lot of therapy sessions can be long, painful, and boring.


But the good news is that those three words don’t even exist out here! Our riders enjoy engaging and educational therapy and riding sessions on our beautiful, trusted mounts!


We love to see the smiles and help everybody that we can, but sometimes, because of medical and financial difficulties, these riders’ parents and guardians cannot afford to compensate us for our services.


With several certified and licensed Recreation Therapists, CAP providers, and PATH Intl. Certified riding instructors, Kopper Top’s staff have the dedication and commitment to this field  While we do not charge “standard’ therapy fees, even our lower rate is unaffordable to families facing medical bills.


YOU can help! Change a child’s life by giving the gift of therapy, friendship, and freedom that can only be found while on a horse.


With your generous support of scholarships, we are able to reach more riders and participants who are in need of our services! Come on, join the wagon train, and lend us a helping hoof! We, as staff, and our riders, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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