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This is What Kopper Top Means To Me
By a Kopper Top Volunteer

There is a place that I know

Where I love so often to go

A place where fears are set aside

A place where love and peace abide


A place where joy comes forth from tears

A place where strength is always near

A place where lives are touched and changed

A place where faith will always remain


A place where people are accepted as they are

A place where dreams can fly so far

A place for healing and hope anew

A place where Jesus’ love shines through


This place is Kopper Top, my beloved farm

At Kopper Top, I have no alarms

There I am unleashed and free to soar

To fly higher than I have before


To run with the horses on the wings of the wind

To watch the animals bring smiles again

To invest in others, to laugh, and to love

To enjoy the gifts of life from the Father above.

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another is essential to your own.

~~Robert Heinsten